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October 28, 2021

Parks and Recreation Commission Advisory Committee - Needs Assessment Presentation  

A draft presentation highlighting findings from the Community Park Needs Assessment is now posted for review here, and will be presented at the city’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC) on Thursday, Oct. 28 at 5 p.m. The meeting is open to the public and will be held at the City Council Chambers, 13325 Civic Center Drive in Poway.  

In addition to the opportunity for the public to comment on the draft needs assessment presentation at the PRSA meeting, the city is accepting written comments. Email comments to DDeVries@poway.org and please indicate “DRAFT Needs Assessment Presentation” in the email subject line.

Comments received by 3 p.m. on Oct. 28 will be provided to the PRAC and posted through the date of the meeting. Public comments will not be read as a part of the meeting but will be provided to the PRAC and available on file in the Office of the City Clerk. Please be advised that any communications directed to the city, including City Council and staff, are subject to disclosure pursuant to the California Public Records Act. Communications will not be edited for redactions, except in compliance with State law.  

Completed Events

Sep 29, 2021

Staff Meetings and Community Park Site Tour

August 13 - Sep 3, 2021

Online Survey - COMPLETED

  • See here for Public Meeting Presentation
June 9, 2021

Virtual Public Meeting #2 - COMPLETED

6.00pm – 7.00pm PST

June 8, 2021

Virtual Public Meeting #1 - COMPLETED

6.00pm – 7.00pm PST

April 27, 2021

Introduction of project to Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee